Other Projects

Arsenal Audio is a recording studio in Richmond, VA. Owner Hayes Gouger graduated from University of Richmond with a B.A. in Philosophy. He began his education in audio recording at In Your Ear Studios, downtown RVA in the spring of 2012 where he received a Certificate of Completion for Advanced Audio Production. Afterwards Hayes started the professional recording studio known as Arsenal Audio. Visit the website here: http://arsenalaudio.wordpress.com/

Hayes is the organizer for RVA LIVE, a donation-based promotional service in Richmond, VA. RVA’s creative minds want more media exposure, which is where we come in. RVA LIVE already has an active community page on Facebook.com. Here is the link to our Facebook.com page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/RVA-Live/487583157955370 Thank you for using RVA LIVE and we thank you for your donation!

Hayes is the organizer for WIKILIVE, a wiki project for creativity. Read Hayes’ WIKILIVE article: http://wikilive.us/index.php?title=Hayes_Gouger


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